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Those who are admins may want to take a gander at Kon-Boot in case someone with ulterior motives and physical access to vital computers happens to stumble across this tool. Those who have ulterior motives, enjoy.

  • OSNews (kon-boot is a tool to bypass windows and linux administrator passwords)


Isn’t that what we’re all searching for in life – to document our anguish?

  • matt (in reply to a rant about ruby)


I think it’s slightly more dangerous to throw a spoon at someone than to hug them…

  • nys


There’s no | (pipe) sign in Morse code, thus making it difficult to port to Linux.


Any sufficiently complex technology is indistinguishable from broken

  • Me, inspired by the eclipse IDE


why so phallic, google?

  • me, while searching for python code coverage tools (specifically, “figleaf” and “pinnochio”). I found other things instead…