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A Couple of Drawings

A while ago Nys asked me to draw her a bookmark. It took me a while to think of anything, but I eventually created an anatomically-incorrect bookworm (with arms and all), who munches on the top of your book whenever you close him up inside it.

I also had an old apple sticker laying around, from before I switched to linux. I stuck it on my current case, but it seemed a little out of place. So I modified it a bit. This would make much more sense if I actually had a hackintosh, but it’s still cute ;)


Nys drew this, I just coloured it :)


Hippo + bike.


A quick sketch of some bald fellow.


It’s a Monkey! In a Bucket! On a Wallpaper! Wow!


A vector illustration of a 3D model I made a while back. It turned out as a nice and spacey wallpaper if you like light desktops…


A vector image based (somewhat loosely) on a photo I took on a walk up to the peak of Mt Buller last year.


A digital painting based (loosely) off a photo I took, this one was trickier than the sphere but worked remarkably well, I think.


A very simple image indeed, I made this in photoshop to test out the new tablet that I got for my birthday.


A vector of a lighthouse. Based off a photo I took on a hike in portland, 2002.


One of my first vectors ever, this wallpaper depicts an orca in a clear, sparkling ocean.


An Invitation to an imaginary typography exhibition, done for my year 11 design class.