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I’ve been working on this a little while now. At work, I use ruby. It has its good points, but my language of choice is still python. I am, however, blown away by rspec. So I’ve tried to bring some of its features into python (namely and should_receive matchers).

Thus was born mocktest. The readme has all the examples you should need to start using it in your own testing code.

It’s also available from the cheese shop, which means you can just run easy_install mocktest to install it on your system.

I should note that this code builds upon the excellent Mock library by Michael Foord.

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HTML to PDF converter

Given the integration of PDF into Mac OS X, I was surprised to find that there didn’t seem to be any tool to convert HTML files into PDFs. So, like any frustrated coder I wrote my own little script to do it:

Requires python and OSX 10.5 (Leopard). It uses a WebKit view for the rendering, so in theory it should work with any URL that safari can handle - but I haven’t exactly tested it thoroughly…