Jim Dalrymple, on Google’s delayed release of android honeycomb source code:

Can you imagine if it were Apple delaying a software release. What would the press say if Apple admitted it took shortcuts with its OS to keep up with Google and now they couldn’t release it? The press would have a field day with that story.

Yeah.. Except that Google has already made as much of a release as Apple ever does - closed binary source code. I don’t like that they’re delaying the open source code release, but I’d like it even less if they never did so (as is Apple’s way).

It would be stupid of them from a product point of view to delay the release of actual shipping products while they re-work the software do things it doesn’t yet need to do (work on phones). At the same time, I really would not want honeycomb ported to phones by over-eager phone manufacturers. I had to get rid of HTC Sense because it was too buggy, and that’s considered to be one of the best manufacturer mods. I hate to think of the bad name they’d give honeycomb…

(And while we’re playing the comparison game, remember how Apple didn’t unify the iPhone and iPad OSes until a number of months after the iPad release? Seems like a familiar strategy…)