snap-open is handy. Unfortunately, it’s terribly crippled if you have a lot of files, since:

  • it uses the linux find command, instead of an index-based file list
  • it doesn’t run in a separate thread, so it locks up your entire GUI while it goes off to trawl your file heirarchy every time you change a letter in the find box

So I fixed it a bit. It is now threaded, and uses the linux locate command. This is still not ideal, it would be much better to use beagle. But I couldn’t figure out how to do that real quick, so locate it is (for now).

Update: As MadsBuus Points out in the comments, SnapOpen has improved a lot since then. Also, I’ve taken a similar plugin (gedit-openfiles) and turned it into a console-based file finder that allows you to open files with your preferred editor. Since I no longer use gedit, I think having a file finder independent of your editor is a pretty neat feature.