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I have written a lot of software. Which is a great way to get better at writing software, and also creating useful tools for yourself and for others.

You can see my full collection of open source software on my github profile. Most of my READMEs contain a badge describing the project status.

The downside to writing lots of software is that I feel a sense of responsibility to keep something working once I've created it. As I write more software, that notion becomes less and less tenable. I don't want to spend my spare time maintaining all the software I ever wrote (but no longer use) out of a sense of obligation.

But it would be rude to just abruptly delete projects I've stopped maintaining. So here's the deal: I'll give you an indication of the projects I'm actively working on or care enough about to keep maintained. Other projects might still work incredibly well, or they might not even run. You're welcome to the code of my abandoned projects, but I probably won't help you fix them.

(please feel free to get in contact if you'd like to adopt / maintain any of my projects)

Active projects:

Projects I'm currently working on or have future plans for:

file generation and task runner
Scala - functional Kubernetes operator framework

Maintained projects:

These are reasonably stable, and I don't do much active development on them. But I care about them, and I will try to be responsive to issues.

Scala - testing utility
Scala - reactive streams observability
speed up gnome-shell animation speed
change workspaces by scrolling over the top bar
a better `make`
unix-style stream manipulation with python syntax
simple clipboard CLI

Experimental projects:

I use many of these myself, but I don't consider them stable - I may change them dramatically (or even abandon them) in the future.

a SuperGenPass-compatible password generator