I’ve just released version 1.0 of 0env. Its purpose is similar to the “interactive” mode of operation of tools like rvm, virtualenv, etc. That is, “entering” some environment with an interactive shell. But instead of being part of some language-specific development tool, it works with any ZeroInstall feeds (which are language-agnostic and cross-platform). The readme on the linked page pretty much explains it all, but I’ll summarize the important features here:

  • You can try out one (or more) ZeroIntall feeds interactively
  • All work happens in a subshell, with a modified shell prompt to clarify what context you’re in
  • There is nothing to roll back, modify or undo - it’s completely stateless
  • It works for published feeds (URLs) as well as unpublished or development local feeds
  • It works cross-platform

I really feel this is an important tool for helping people adopt and use ZeroInstall feeds. ZeroInstall is a great way to publish software, but until now it has been awkward to try one or more feeds out interactively, partly because there is nothing to install.

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