If you are interested in my defer work with async control flow in CofeeScript, you’ll probably be interested in Tame.JS. The guys from OkCupid have a history with this sort of thing, apparently they have been using a similar mechanism they built for C++ for years.

Tame allows for more explicit control over parallelism than defer, and is a pretty simple mechanism. Contrasted to Stratified JS it seems to be simpler and more interoperable with existing javascript codebases, but also has fewer features - Tame.js is at a similar level to defer, while Stratified JS offers additional features like promise values (strata), parallel composition, alternative composition and more.

Regardless of which you prefer, it’s good to see people tackling the problem despite the common wisdom seeming to be that there is no problem (or worse, that it can be adequately addressed with libraries alone).

As usual, there’s some good commentary going on at hacker news. There are even a bunch of people wondering when such a useful mechanism will arrive in CoffeeScript ;)

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